Local Tips

When to ride!  

Summer in the desert is no joke, while Moab has some of the best mountain biking to offer, you will have more fun if you beat the heat!

  • Hit the trails before sun rises!  In the summer its best to ride between 5 am and 10 am!  The evening also provides some cool temps for you to enjoy after 7 pm or 8 pm.  Make sure to take a light!  We have some awesome night riding. Our rentals help you do this, since you can pick them up at 4pm and drop them off at 5pm the following day.   That way you can ride in the evening and early in the morning. 
  • Bring lots of water.  A hydration system is a must.  We sell water bottles and platypus hydration systems and are happy to stock you up with some water.
  • Sun protection.  Sun sleeves, sun screen, sun glasses, these things are not optional in Moab. 
  • Make sure you have tools to fix your bike!  Spare tube and basic tools are mandatory if not, you may be out there alone for a while. 
  • Protection.  There are several trails in Moab that are extreme. Make sure you have the right protection.  Knee pads and elbow pads should be used if you are pushing yourself on the more hardcore trails. 
  • Don't drink to much the night before the big ride, save the party for after the big day! 

We know, love, and ride Moab everyday so don't hesitate to drop by for some trail advice. We have great employees, maps, and gear to prepare you for the terrain. Remember the trails are different than what you may be used to so take advantage of our knowledge! And don't forget to have fun.

Where to Ride! 

Moab has some great trail options for all riding levels!

Here are a few popular riding areas.

Moab Brand / Bar M area:
This area is awesome. It's only 8.5 miles from town and has a bike path that takes you all the way there! Once you are there it's set up like a ski resort it has green, blue, and black trails. Something for everyone! This area is ideal for families and casual riders as well as advanced riders looking a for a quick thrill.

Navajo Rocks:
Once of Moab's new areas. This area is filled flowing trails that are sure to put a grin on your face. It's easy to reach and close to town but it best to go in a car or shuttle. Some beautiful views and mix of the quintessential Moab landscape.

Amasa Back:
This area is a favorite with the locals. It has access to some thrilling trails such as the must ride Captain Ahab. In general, the trails in this area best for upper intermediate and advanced riders.