The Crew

Jon (Best Manager):

Recently imported from Las Vegas, Jon is an energetic, hard-charging trail rider.  In the shop Jon is remarkably knowledgeable and easy-going.  Come see Jon to talk about bike setup, trails, dogs, or beer!



Rue (The Cute Dog):

Rue Loves to go Trail Running



Kelli:  (Sales /Rentals/Web)

Keli is another shredder.   You be lucky to ding her down atthe shop to help you with your bike needs.  She is a very sharp so you be sure to get excellent advise.



CHill  (Mechanic/Owner):

Chris Hill or "CHill" is a corner stone of this shop.   Bike lover and rider.   Chris has a vast collection of bikes and is always working on the next project.  He has been wrenching on bikes for a long while now and loves to share his knowledge with others.  CHill is also a renown climber.  Come on down and give him a chat.



Pierre:  (Owner/Guy)

Pierre is a driving force behind the shop.   Along with managing "The Fiend", Pierre designs and builds bicycles frames at "Blaze Bicycles", your house brand.  Blaze builds in steel and titanium.  Come on down and see the bikes for your self.