Fit Form

No Shoes, feet natural width apart, measure from top of head to the the floor. Enter in centimeter or inches, but if you choose inches please enter as decimals as in 1.25 rather than 1 1/4 ". Do the same for all entries.
This is the sternum to floor measurement. The body with out the head.
Hold level at crotch then measure to the floor from the top of the level. This is an import measurement. Make sure the level is firmly pressed on the pelvis and that the measurement is accurate.
Have person stand and lift leg out to 90 degrees, measure between the knee and hip. Make sure to measure from the center of the rotation points.
Measure from one shoulder pivot to the other.
Arm stretched out with palm up, measure palm to shoulder pivot.
Let us know if you have any additional information in regards to your physical fit on the bit. Shot left leg, etc.