About Us

We are located in sunny Moab, Utah. and fabricate steel and titanium bicycle frames.

Most often we sell complete bikes directly to the customer.  You can choose from one of our production models or have us design you a custom one of kind bicycles from scratch.

Lead times are keep short at right about 6 to 8 weeks.

High quality titanium builds are our specialty.

Blaze Bicycles was founded in 2008 by Pierre Chastain.  The concept was simply to make some excellent frames for personal use.   I had wrecked my steel Trek Model 420 and the carbon unit I was sold in the LBS as replacement cracked within two weeks.  At the time I simply could not find a reasonable replacement for my steel Trek.  I got close with a Ti Merlin from eBay but he size was wrong.  Rather than continue submit myself to what ever was next for the bike industry I committed to make the kind of frames I would like to ride for myself.  Now I'm not only making bikes from myself but also for other like minded cyclists that are looking for excellent ride quality, tight fit and long term value in there bikes.