Blaze ‘Arrow’ – Titanium Road Bike

Well designed. Expertly welded. Meticulously finished. Beautifully anodized. Detailed buildkits to fit your needs. Ready for you to ride for a long time. Handcrafted perfection.

Current delivery times are 6 to 8 weeks.

Lifetime warranty. Let the good times roll!


The “Arrow” is a, fast and comfortable road bike. It could quickly become your only road bike or at least your favorite one. With the optional S & S Couplers it make a perfect travel companion.
Each Blaze is finished with meticulous care and attention to detail. Only the highest quality materials are used.

These bikes feature:

Modern Compact Geometry makes these frames lighter and stiffer. Otherwise this road bike looks to traditional values for its balanced and spirited ride.

We use different tube diameters and wall thicknesses depending on the size of the frame. Each size it tuned to handle and ride just exactly right.

The 44mm head tube give you a stiffer more efficient ride quality that is hard to deny. the Arrow

3AL-2.5V Aerospace specification Titanium are used for tubes. Dropout and bits and machined out of 6AL-4V. Each miter is manually checked and hand finished for the best fit. We take great pride in our welding and each joint is professionally joined.

After the frames are welded they are hand brushed for an even finish. Once the finish is even the frames are ready to be “anodized” and then shot peened for the final finish. The result is combination of a satiny finish contrasting a shinny colored anodized logos. The “Arrow” features several anodized flourishes, on the top of the top tube as well as the front and back of the seat tube. The Main down tube log and head badge are also applied in this way. These are included as default on the “Arrow”. If you wish for other special graphics, just contact us, we are happy to help. A Blaze looks every bit as good as it rides.

-DI2 compatible (optional)
-S & S Couplers (optional)
-Custom Geometry (optional)